Beyond the Fix

“Can it be fixed?” That is the question that you hate to ask when your car is broken and you take it to the auto Wizard, (because everyone knows they work on some kind mechanical magic). You want them to fix it of course, but in reality you want them to do more. You want them to return to you a vehicle where not only the immediate problem is fixed, but in the long term, it will once again represent reliable transportation. There are all kinds of things besides just cars that sometimes need a bit of fixing.

Sometimes even our relationships need a bit of repair. We said it and we shouldn’t have. We accidently hurt our beloved, or even just a co-worker, and just like our car we really want more than just a fix to the immediate situation. We of course need forgiveness and restitution (I will make it up to you I promise…) but what we really desire is a relationship that is stronger and if possible even better than it was before. We want to go beyond just the fix.

“It is finished” accomplished the fix. Our sin was paid for. The sacrifice to turn aside wrath was provided. Jesus, flawless in every way, fully human but living without sin, was our atonement. Amazingly it didn’t just stop there. In fact, that was just the beginning of what He accomplished. Because not only was our sin problem addressed but now a new and amazing opportunity was brought into being; a new way to be in relationship with God.

This week as we remember what Christ accomplished on the cross, we will look beyond the fix! Come discover what Jesus has made possible!

See you at church,

Pastor Chris.