Made New!


The nice weather this last week (and the week to come) has me thinking about my garden. The old saying was “get your potatoes in by St. Patrick’s day” if true I am already a week late! I hate all the preparation for gardening but I do enjoy the garden and I especially enjoy the fruit of the labors later on.

One of the things about gardening that I find truly amazing is the process of planting seeds. Seeds are in themselves an amazing piece of God’s work. They can lie dormant for years (lots of years in the case of grain sprouted from Egyptian tombs) and still they manage to sprout and come to life. While I can appreciate the science of it all it is still miraculous. Beyond the germination and the sprouting is the fact of how different the seeds are from the plant and even the fruit itself! To me they are the perfect example of what happens to us in Christ.

Like seeds, we are seemingly dead. Our hearts are all wrinkled and hard. There is before Christ no evidence of real life. Real life is more than just existing. It is showing growth not just decay. Real life is to be transformed, not stay the way we were.   The bean plant looks amazingly different than the bean you planted, and our lives after Christ equally look different. The reason is we become something new. “It is Finished” provides the spark.   It provides the opportunity, the means by which we can enter into new life, and truly be transformed.

Want a new life? Tired of being just potential? Come discover how “It is Finished” was an act of creation not just destruction.

See you at church.

Pastor Chris