Have you ever climbed a mountain? Have you ever done something that taxed you in such a way that you had to consider, “Do I continue or turn back?” When you start up a mountain there is no mystery as to the goal. It is there in front of you in all its glory. No one is surprised when it gets steep. No one is shocked when the fatigue begins to set in. So what keeps you going?

Sometimes there are outside forces that make us continue. When a bear is chasing you, finding your motivation is usually not a problem. But most of the time it is what is on the inside that move us. Reaching the goal, getting to the top, challenging ourselves and accomplishing it, not wanting to give up no matter what, these are things that compel us forward. We want to hear the words “ Well done….”

The goals of Vision 2020 are the mountain tops for our church. It is no surprise that the going will be tough, they are tall mountains and the trail is steep. Our motivation too is not ambiguous. The world is in chaos. People are dying without Jesus Christ and he has called us to go into all the world. Every one of the goals of Vision 2020 are calling us to be effective for Jesus Christ. Still what moves you to keep going forward?

This week as we start the new ministry season I want to challenge you to consider what keeps you going. I want to call you to embrace some of the Biblical attitudes that will help us get to the top. We must keep climbing.

See you at church.

Pastor Chris