This video presents our  policies concerning marriage in the new legal environment of the United States concerning marriage.  
Below is the written transcript.
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We Will Not Sign

In the course of history and in the course of society there are tipping points. Points at which a society goes a particular direction so far that it will be impossible to return. On June 26, 2015 the Supreme Court of the United States took our country through such a tipping point, and by judicial fiat they made homosexual marriage the law of the land for the United States. If we are honest, we cannot lay it all at the feet of the court. Their action is in agreement with many states, and probably the majority of the population of the United States. We will not go back.

In addition to legalizing homosexual marriage, they went even further by suggesting that such a union is a fundamental right. This means that to deny such a right would be the violation of a person’s civil rights. The implications of this ruling and where it takes us next are yet to be seen. It does not take much imagination to foresee a culture that limits the Biblical proclamation of homosexuality as sin, because they regard such a proclamation as bullying or a hate crime. In a world where bakers lose their livelihood because they refuse to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding, how long will it be before we have the first lawsuit suggesting that churches that offer marriage to the public must also offer homosexual marriages? Therefore, from this day forward Wellspring Fellowship and its agents will no longer offer marriage to the public at large but only for local members, with the exception of personal friends and family of the pastor or elders. While the fear of lawsuits is significant, it is not and should not be the most important motivator in our response. There is something more significant at stake, the very institution of marriage.

At the core of marriage is a covenant between a man and woman. This covenant has been solemnized by vows taken before God, friends and family, the church, and legitimized by God via the spiritual authority of the church which (in our instance) is vested in the Pastor or Elder. Prior to this decision by the Supreme Court, I was honored to participate in partnership with the State (State and Federal governing bodies) to, in one ceremony, extend the spiritual authority of God in both legitimizing the vows legally and spiritually. Because this historical partnership was so beneficial to both the church and society in general, the church went too far and became complacent. We allowed the state to become the arbiter of what constituted a legitimate marriage. With the decision of the Supreme Court, the State has squandered the trust it had been given. In redefining marriage so as to include homosexual relationships in opposition to the clear and unambiguous revealed will of God in scripture, it has irreparably violated the partnership the Church had with the State. Therefore, as a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ; neither I, nor any agent of Wellspring Fellowship, will participate in any way with the State in legitimizing and solemnizing what it recognizes as marriage. We will no longer sign any State generated marriage license or document. We will not lend the authority vested in us as Ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in any way to the State. We will not sign.

Because of its actions, the State has delegitimized itself. However, God and the Church still recognize and bless Biblical Covenant Marriage.* It is in fact, this blessing of God and the implied accountability of God, which makes the wedding vows effectual, not the State. We will preside and fulfill our duties as God’s ambassadors to administer these vows and legitimize a Biblical Covenant Marriage. A man and woman participating in such a religious ceremony will be legitimately married before God and the Church. This marriage is to be life long, and to violate this marriage covenant is to commit sin both against a spouse and against God.

There are still benefits, mostly financial, that a married couple receives in having their Biblical Covenant Marriage recognized by the State. In addition, the legal paperwork to negotiate all the various regulations, name changes, etc. often requires a State certificate of marriage. State recognition can be administered and achieved by receiving a State marriage license and by having an agent of the State (such as a judge or an elected official) say whatever words the State deems appropriate. Legal recognition is a State matter, and no longer the concern of the Church.

Practically speaking for our church, this is how it will work. Engaged couples that are members of our church would participate in our required regiment of premarital counseling. Upon setting the date, we would plan a wedding as we usually do. As a matter of course, they would apply and receive a State marriage license, then make arrangements for an agent of the State to execute the minimum legal requirements* to fulfill State recognition, prior to the wedding date. This agent would declare them legally married, but this would only be a legal status.  They would then participate in the actual wedding and enter into a Biblical Covenant Marriage in a religious ceremony. Having entered into the marriage covenant, they would be free to consummate their marriage and enter into the joys of all the blessings God has in mind for marriage. We will administer and sign a document reflecting this religious Biblical Marriage Covenant.

The decision to dissociate the Biblical Covenant Marriage from legal status conferred by the State is not taken lightly. It is not a knee jerk reaction based on some perceived crisis of the moment. Anyone watching could see that this is where our culture was headed, and so I have been prayerfully considering what my response should be as well as the response of our church. This is the direction that I believe God would have us go. It will at first, feel unwieldy as this new process is embraced. However, it rightly restores the Church and God’s blessing as the legitimizing authority, and relegates the now meaningless legal recognition of the State, to a matter of paperwork.

From this day forward this is my personal stance and the official the policy of Wellspring Fellowship of Gig Harbor, and its Elders.


Pastor Chris Henderson

Board of Wellspring Fellowship of Gig Harbor  June 27, 2015



Biblical Covenant Marriage: The marriage of a Man and Woman entered into by publicly taking religious vows representing the marriage covenant. This is to be a life long commitment. To violate this covenant is to commit sin against a spouse and against God.

State: The governing authorities of the State and Federal governments of the United States.

*Minimum Legal Requirements: Research is being undertaken to determine the minimum legal wording required for an agent of the state (Judge, Justice of the Peace, etc.) to administrate a process resulting in the state recognizing a marriage. I will soon provide language, which may be given to an agent of the state that will necessarily NOT invoke the name of God or the blessing of God.

Policies Concerning Marriage

Wellspring Fellowship of Gig Harbor, nor its agents, shall participate in the legal process of State recognized marriage, including the signing of marriage licenses.

Wellspring Fellowship of Gig Harbor, and its agents, shall only offer to perform a Biblical Covenant Marriage ceremony for members of our local church. An exception may be made for personal friends and family of the Pastor and Elders who are not members.


Adopted by unanimous vote of the board of Wellspring Fellowship of Gig Harbor on June 27, 2015.