‘Wednesday Family Night’ Off for Summer

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Wednesday night represented our final evening until Fall…

Fishing & Fellowship

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Sunday, June 8th, Wellspring Fellowship shared an amazing day fun, fellowship and fishing.  Everyone caught a fish!  Pastor Chris spoke this week of having fond memories of fishing. His grandpa first taught him how to fish at an early age and says he has has been fishing continuously for over 40 years.  So post his sermon on Saturday, of making ‘Fishers of Men', we concluded with a wishing derby of sorts and enjoyed much fun, food, family and (of course) fellowshipI

Thank you to all who participated in such a great day.  Blessings!

Keep Fishing

Keep Fishing
I have a lot of very fond memories of fishing. I have fished pretty much all of my life.  My grandpa first taught me how to fish, and while I don't remember the age, I do remember out in the yard at their house in Lebanon, Oregon, learning to cast.  We would try and cast a cork into a bucket.  I have been fishing continuously for over 40 years.  I do not think I ever went and entire year in that time without getting out and going fishing.  I still get excited catching a fish.
I have learned a lot of lessons about fishing and from fishing.  One thing I have learned is that you will never actually experience the joy of catching a fish by talking about it, reading about it, or by buying new tackle.  While each of these things are fun, they just never seem to catch any fish.  The only way to actually have the possibility of catching a fish is by fishing.  You can not catch a fish without having your hook in the water. (Although I know someone for whom a fish jumped in the boat).
Jesus said he would make us fishers of men.  All analogies break down so lets not get caught up in trying hook people, or catch them in nets to bring them to church!  However, we can't really expect to catch fish with out participating in the actual activity of actively fishing.  Some people seem to think that they will some how be evangelistic and lead people to Jesus Christ by talking about evangelism, reading about evangelism, or participating in thinking about the new effort but never actually “doing” evangelism.  If we want to actually catch something we have to actually actively fish.
This weekend we have our Family Fishing Day.  It is a lot of fun, and I hope you come out and enjoy the time.  But even more importantly,  I hope you invite some others to do the same.  I hope that you invite them to come and be a part of our fellowship and the fun that we have together.  Even if we have never caught anything before, even if it doesn't look like we will, we can't give up.  We have to keep fishing!   We have to keep trying and keep at it. The consequences are too important not to. In addition, you will find that when Jesus comes along,  the fishing dramatically improves.
Keep fishing!
Pastor Chris

May 17th ‘Worship Jam’

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Saturday at Wellspring Fellowship was simply an amazing day- After our Saturday Sabbath worship time we feasted on a potluck dinner fit for a King!  Everyone savored the wide variety of foods and desserts that complimented our day as we shared in beautiful fellowship together.   We capped the evening from 7:00-9:00pm with a worship jam that was inspiring as well as encouraging.


Our musical extravaganza was kicked-off with a surprise guest, Hayden Harper, as he delighted everyone  with his always smooth saxophone  play.   Hayden accompanied the ‘FourChurches’ worship band with his father Steve playing on bass guitar. ‘FourChurches is a local worship band  up of musicians from; you guessed it, four different area churches.   The band is comprised of: Leslie Reed (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Brian Cohoe (Percussion), Steve Harper (Bass) and Tacoma Resident Chris Cohoe (Electric Guitar/Vocals).  Four Churches has a strong rock influence mixed with progressive worship music combined with a wonderful array acoustic originals and genres.   Even with several technical difficulties Leslie and the group were simply awesome.


The remaining 2 sets were performed from 10 different musicians from Wellspring Fellowship Church.  It was truly a night to remember as this semiannual event increases in popularity.  We will post again prior to our next worship night jam opportunity.

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What Kind Of Church Are We?

I love that question, but I will confess I don't always answer it very well.  So much of our answer depends on the context of the question.  So interpreting the context of the question should point us in the right direction.  For instance, someone may be asking, “What kind of church are we?” and wanting to know our basic fundamental doctrinal orientation.  If that were the case we would share our statement of faith, and go on about that sort of thing.  I have become so accustomed to this question that this is (unfortunately) the place where I often start. I need to learn a new pattern.
Here are some candidates for a new default answer.  Instead of talking about this that or the other belief we might have, or how we are different than this that or the other church, maybe we should answer with things like this.  We are a loving church. We are a friendly church.  We are a coffee drinking church.  We are a bunch of feet washers.  We are a happy church.  We are a laid back church. (contrary to popular misconception Stuffiness is not next to Godliness)  There are all sorts of things I could say about our church which would actually give them much more useful information then telling them about our fundamental doctrinal understandings.  
How do you describe our church?  What is your favorite expression about us?  Is the measure and corresponding description of our faith community one that matters or is it based in some objective sentence.  Consider how you have been answering the question lately and see if you too might need to think of something different to say.
This week will be talking about how our church can be life giving. It will surely give you fuel for a new default answer.
Hope to see you at church and all the great opportunities this Sabbath is bringing!
Pastor Chris

What price?

What Price?
What are you willing to pay?  That is a question that is on everyone's mind.  When I say everyone, I mean every retailer that is out there. What they want to do is offer their product at the maximum amount of money that you are willing to pay.  If they price their product too high then no one will buy it.  If milk were 20 per gallon no one would buy it.  The cost will have been too high.  However,  they want you to pay the maximum amount.  So they will charge just what the market will bear.
Prices are not just paid for consumer goods.  We also pay for all sorts of things.  We pay for overindulgence at Thanksgiving and Christmas time, with new clothes (I  thought I would still be able to fit into these jeans!)  and more hard work to try and get the excess weight off.  We pay for the privilege of seeing a movie first , at midnight.   We pay for these things, but most of the time we consider the cost , and it is worth it to us.
We have identified some pretty lofty goals in Vision 2020.   They are goals that will not come without cost if you want to be part of reaching them.   We will not be able to achieve these goals without people who are willing to pay the price.  What is your price point?  What is the maximum cost you are willing to bear to achieve the vision God is calling us to.   Do you have a price at which you say , “It's too much , I will not pay?”
This week we will talk about the price of being missional as a church.
See you at church.
Pastor Chris

No Time For Wandering

No Time For Wandering

Ever notice how the faster something moves, the less erratic the path.  When something is really going fast, it seems to get straighter and straighter.  However, when it slows down, it has this tendency to meander.  I am sure there are some great reasons for this involving some particular Laws of Motion.  The application for us is that if we are on a time schedule we will move fast, and in a fairly straight line.


We really don't have time to meander around.  Every single day there are people who are needing Jesus Christ. Every single day there are people who need a church community to stand around them and support them. Marriages are troubled and breaking, families are clueless in how they are raising their little ones, and government will not be the solution.   There has never been a more vital time for the church to step in and be the church for those who are looking for solutions.   We just don't have time to meander.  We must act with purpose and move confidently toward our target. 

This week I want to remind us of why we are here and what we are to be about! 

See you at church, 

Pastor Chris


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