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This is the page where we will share our progress.  The building process is often a hurry up and wait kind of affair.  So periodically we will update this space to keep you in the know as to how our building program is going!  


Here is a basic overview of our plans for this property.  They are still preliminary as we have the design work done and may be subject to some changes.  

Site plan


Building plan

(this is a rough draft and will become more formal as the design phase progresses.)



WHERE ARE WE NOW? (Updated April 2019)

Design Phase1 Studies!

This part of the process involves many different consultants going out and obtaining information on the property.  From these studies all  the design work is done involving the septic, utilities, building design, official site plan and preparations for submitting to Pierce County for building permits.
 Geotechnical Report –  Finished and paid for. 
Survey and Topographical map – Finished!
Traffic Study – Finished
New official Site Plan and some architectural work – Finished
Civil Engineering  which will involve an environmental review (SEPA). Storm water design, and ultimately result
in a rough grading permit.
– Current Fundraising goal. $30,000.  We already have $10,000 of it raised!  Step In and get
us to the next step! 



April 2018

A church in Salem, OR has donated 129  quality chairs and some tables and other furniture items for our new church!  Praise the Lord!  They are the same kind of chairs that we are currently using at Harbor Life.  They are about $45-$50 per chair.  Along with the tables this is a $5000 – $6000 donation! What a blessing!!!

February 2018  

We have the land! Praise God we were able to purchase 10.82 acres of land. This will be our new home and center for our ministry.