What kind of church are we?

  •  We are evangelical and proclaim to all the world the Essentials;  one God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Salvation found in Jesus Christ alone, regeneration by the Holy Spirit, the physical return of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  •  We are a church who is Biblical and theological.  We want to know what the Bible says and what it means. Our beliefs and the life of worship we encourage can stand up to scrutiny even if in our humanity we fall short.
  •  Because we love our Lord and Savior, we are a church where men and women passionately lead worship that is authentic, contemporary, expressive, and free.
  •  In our worship men and women pray, speak words of encouragement,strengthening, and comfort. We sing, dance, clap and raise our hands with all our hearts, souls, and emotions being moved by the Holy Spirit. 
  • We are a church proclaiming the real spiritual blessing that comes when we participate in Remembering Signs: communion, baptism, and Sabbath.  More participation more blessing!
  • We are a church who is passionate in witness gathering worshippers.  It is the job of each of us.  We may gather them in libraries, soccer fields, homes, at events, and at church.  We go to where they are with whatever we can to draw them into relationship with Jesus and teach them to worship with their life.
  • We are a church who has experienced grace so we pass it on.  We bear with each others faults, forgiving offences. We are a church of repentance and restoration.
  • We are a church constantly learning humility and we have more to learn.
  • We meet in GigHarbor as a starting place.  But it will not be our only place. As the church is the church where ever it is and wherever it gathers worshippers, we will spin off new churches!
  • We meet in the afternoon because it is a time when families are free from obligation so they can be free to come to church and we like how it slows us down resting in the Sabbath.

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