Vision 2020

God is calling us to make a significant impact on our city, region and the world. His will is clearly revealed, our task and our privilege is to join him in what he is doing! Prayer both for His blessing and passion must cover and enliven all we strive to achieve. It is about His Church and His Glory.  Will you be a part of achieving this vision by December 31, 2020?

By December 31, 2020  we will ……….


1.  Be a church with an average attendance of 300+ people each Sabbath.


2.  In addition to growing our church we will be ready to launch our first daughter church, Wellspring Fellowship of __________.


3.  We will be a church engaging the real and felt needs of our community by identifying, staffing and supporting at least three significant ministries.

a.  Family Institute: A place (small dedicated facility) and an effort to be a source of information, classes, events, life, and healing for families in Gig Harbor.  People are looking everywhere for information on parenting, marriage, premarital counseling, addiction support, education, elderly care, finances, and nutrition.  The Family Institute as a ministry of Wellspring Fellowship can bring to bear the expertise that is in our church as well as marshal outside resources making them available to strive to meet those needs.  The Church should have a significant role to play in helping our culture with these basic building blocks.  A dedicated facility with these needs in mind would be part of achieving this vision as well as a dedicated volunteer and employed staff. 

b.  Peninsula Prayer Ministry: Continue to support and expand this ministry.

 c. Identify, support,  and encourage global missions and mission efforts.

 d. ?????? God will enable, empower and impassion!


4.  The Word of God will be taught at all levels of age and spiritual development through various programs and efforts, seeking greater saturation in the life of the church.


5.  In our fellowship we will be alive with diversity of opportunity as well as the rich depth of building healthy supportive friendships and relationships.


The clock is ticking, and the goal is before us.  

Here is how you can be a part of achieving this vision!

1.  PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!!!  God is moved when His people passionately, persistently, and collectively pray.  We have been given amazing assurances of His blessing when we as a people do that. 

Commit to DAILY praying for God to enable us to realize and reach this vision by 2020!

2. Discover!  Plug in! Where do you fit in this vision? How can you be a part? How can you serve? The needs are so great that no matter what you are able to do it can be used!  In order to achieve this vision for our church, everyone will have to be involved!

Commit to discovering where you fit and then plug in!

3.  GIVE MORE.  More of yourself, more of your time, talent, and more of your finances.  This will not be accomplished by just a few.  We must all pour more of ourselves into this effort. 

Commit to giving more!

4.  INVITE, INVITE, INVITE!!!  Where will the people come from?  There are over 400,000 people within 20 miles of our church who do not attend a church anywhere. How many of those have been invited to ours? 

Commit to inviting at least one person every week to come to church or be part of something we are doing!

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