Thursday Night is a night for the whole family!

First we come together for a family meal.  This meal is provided for you free of charge! 

Afterwards there are programs for the whole family! 

Meal starts at 6 pm and Bible study etc. is done by 8 pm. We are sharp on the ending time so that families can get their kids home for school the next day.  We follow Peninsula School district  breaks.

Adult Bible Study

This year we are going to start with a walk through the Foundational Scriptures of the Old Testament.  We will start with Genisis and work 13 weeks through to the Prophets.  Next we will work chapter and verse through the book of Hebrews!

Tater Tots  (preschool to Kindergarten) This is learning just for them at their level.  Flanal graph stories of Jesus as well as lots of play time.

Kids Club  (1-5th grade)  In Kids club there is age appropriate activities and learning teaching the basic stories and concepts of the Bible and what it means to follow Jesus Christ.  We have a hand out with the scope and sequence and right where we are.

WAY (Wellspring Active Youth) In this combined Middle and High School Group, we teach the word of God and confront the issues and challenges of teens and teen culture.