What price?

What Price?
What are you willing to pay?  That is a question that is on everyone's mind.  When I say everyone, I mean every retailer that is out there. What they want to do is offer their product at the maximum amount of money that you are willing to pay.  If they price their product too high then no one will buy it.  If milk were 20 per gallon no one would buy it.  The cost will have been too high.  However,  they want you to pay the maximum amount.  So they will charge just what the market will bear.
Prices are not just paid for consumer goods.  We also pay for all sorts of things.  We pay for overindulgence at Thanksgiving and Christmas time, with new clothes (I  thought I would still be able to fit into these jeans!)  and more hard work to try and get the excess weight off.  We pay for the privilege of seeing a movie first , at midnight.   We pay for these things, but most of the time we consider the cost , and it is worth it to us.
We have identified some pretty lofty goals in Vision 2020.   They are goals that will not come without cost if you want to be part of reaching them.   We will not be able to achieve these goals without people who are willing to pay the price.  What is your price point?  What is the maximum cost you are willing to bear to achieve the vision God is calling us to.   Do you have a price at which you say , “It's too much , I will not pay?”
This week we will talk about the price of being missional as a church.
See you at church.
Pastor Chris