Membership in our community is at its most basic element just coming.  As you attend and participate you are a part of us. It says “I want to be part of this church and fully participate in its programs, ministries.  This is my church home.”  As leaders we will do our best to love you, serve you, teach you, and provide opportunities for your participation in service where ever you are at in your spiritual walk.  If you want to be included in the membership of Wellspring Fellowship, attend a Membership dinner where the leaders of the church share with you the vision and passion of this church.  We hold these membership dinners 4 times a year.


Core Membership

Core Membership is a greater commitment to the Wellspring Fellowship community.  It says I not only want to be a part of the community but within my talents and gifts I want serve the community and be part of the conversation about direction and course of the church.  Core membership gives you opportunity to vote on financial and leadership issues at the annual membership meetings. Because there is a greater commitment there is also a more involved process required.  

That process includes the following:

1.  You must have made a personal commitment to Jesus Christ and have personally participated in baptism.

2.  Become a member of Wellspring Fellowship and been to a Membership Dinner.

3. Take the Leadership Class or arrange with Pastor Henderson personal mentoring opportunities that fulfill the basic requirements of the leadership class.

3.  Sign a Membership Covenant.  This covenant (agreement)  is explored throughly in our membership dinners and leadership class.  Upon successful completion of the Leadership class you are invited to become a covenant member.

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