To God Be the Glory!

Matt. 22:37, John 4:24, Isa. 56:8,  

Rev. 4:11




Worship is a priority in our church.  It is so important that we seek to describe it for all to understand.   We recognize that there are differences in preference and culture that influence opinion regarding how people worship.  We also recognize that any particular style of worship and worship service will not reach or connect to everyone.  By showing you where we are we hope to give you opportunity to see if you can join our worship with all your heart! 


Worship Defined


Our corporate worship is to be an expression from us, the created ones, to the Creator of the universe. 

We are instructed directly or by example to worship and express these things: 

  • Love: Psalm 18:1
  • Repentance: Mark 1:15, Psalm 32:5
  • Cry for Mercy: Psalm 7 
  • Submission to God: James 4:10
  • God is Faithful: Psalm 89:1-2
  • He is the Creator: Hebrews 1:10
  • Glory and Honor: Psalm 29:1-2
  • He is Righteous: Psalm 119:137
  • Praise: Psalm 96
  • Joy: Psalm 100 
  • Thanksgiving: Psalm 136 
  • He is Eternal: Hebrews 1:8

(This list is not exhaustive but representative.)


Our Mode of Worship


The Bible is rich with descriptions of how people worshiped God. Some of the modes of worship were tied to the Jewish culture of the time or to the sacrificial system. However, others provide a ready example. This list is not meant to be comprehensive or exclusive but rather representative of what we find. All of these do not necessarily reflect our current practice. However, all represent Biblical and appropriate modes of worship.

  • Singing: Psalm 47:6
  • Music with Instruments: Psalm 150
  • Raising of Hands: Psalm 134, 1Timothy 2:8
  • Clapping of Hands: Psalm 47:1
  • Testimonies: Hebrews 10:25
  • Shouts of Joy: Psalm 33:3
  • Dancing: Psalm 149:3
  • Art: Exodus 35:31- 35


Our Style of Worship


There is no Biblical basis or bias for any particular style of worship. We have chosen a contemporary style of worship for two main reasons:

First, a contemporary style of worship best serves our congregation at this place in time, as it best reflects our style of expression towards God. We use the instruments, language, phraseology, and the musical expression of our time to express timeless truth, love, and adoration to God. 

The second reason for our selection of a contemporary worship style is that it is reflective of the style of music and expression of the culture we are trying to reach. As a church we are to be missions minded and do whatever it takes (1Cor. 9:19 – 22) to reach our community without compromising our message or beliefs. In choosing a contemporary style of musical expression, we are choosing a style that most people relate to and connect to thereby, allowing us to best communicate the message of the gospel and the message of our worship.  


Holy Spirit Come!


One aspect of worship is allowing space for the Holy Spirit to work in our lives. We are not a “penticostal” church by common definition. In agreement with Paul (1 Cor. 14) we do not forbid speaking in tongues but if it is for the church (rather than private prayer) interpretation must accompany the gift. Prophesy which Paul defines (1 Cor,. 14: 1-3) as communication for the purpose of strengthening, encouraging, and comforting the church, is to be strived for. How often we have silenced the Holy Spirit by being slaves to an order of service or what we did in worship practice. Our worship is not free flow (no structure) but we are comfortable giving space and being open to the Holy Spirit working in the worship leaders and in those who join in worship. 


The Future of our Worship


Our worship will constantly change. In order for the gospel to impact our culture we must be able to communicate it to our culture. We must be constantly evaluating, improving, and growing in our worship. We will look for opportunities to include new instruments, more people, and new songs. Our desire is that we may one day produce and write much of our own music so that our expression to God is precisely that, “our expression.” 


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