Step In – 5-4-2018

Step In

The Jordan River was in spring flood and there was no easy way to get across. God did not tell Joshua to hold up Moses’ staff so they could go across on dry land. Just the opposite, they had to Step In. When they did God worked a miracle and the people of God were able to cross over into the Promised Land. Acting on faith is difficult. We don’t do it out of blind trust but rather the informed trust of relationship. God has demonstrated his faithfulness over and over so we are willing to act in in faith, willing to Step In.

We as a church are being given an incredible opportunity and an incredible responsibility.  God is calling us into a neighborhood where there isn’t a church.  We do not have a reputation there, and we are not known to the vast majority of the folks who live there.  How will they know us?  What is the reputation we will build in this neighborhood?  What impact will we make on their lives?

For us to get to the important task of answering those questions we have to cross over a river in flood to get there.  Gone is the era where the neighbors all come together and raise up a church.  The planning, permits, studies, drawings, and the entire process is complicated and daunting. God is already at work in providing some great friends to walk with us on this journey in the engineering, design, and construction fields.  Praise the Lord!  And when the time comes, it will take a lot of hard work as we will all have a part in digging, building, painting, etc.  But before we can get there we will have to raise the funds.

“Step In” means that we are going forward.  We don’t yet know how we will accomplish it.  We can’t see how God is going to work it all out.  But we are confident that he will not leave us standing in the middle of the Jordan.  This week we launch our capital campaign.  We begin the process of seeking the funds we need to accomplish what God is calling us to. 

God does not have a cash flow problem. Our God has the resources to accomplish this and much more! Our part is to go out and invite people to participate in the blessing of joining in an effort of God.  We are going to make our need known to the community, our friends, and our fellow laborers in the gospel.   Our hope is that people who have a heart for children, a heart for the lost, a heart for a community, a heart for being a neighborhood church will see our heart for these as well and be drawn by the Spirit to join with our efforts.   Is that your heart?  Are you ready to Step In?

See you at church,

Pastor Chris