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Step In…. Donate!


The Need

We are going to be building a 3550 square foot building.  Through lots of help and doing as much work as we possibly can, our target is to build it for $100 per square foot.  Typical buildings such as this are usually around $200 – $250 per square foot.  In our capital campaign we are seeking donations of $360,000.   We need $60,000 this summer to be able to get through the design phase.


Prayerfully Consider

Is God calling on you to give and help support the vision of a neighborhood church and the impacts we can have on the families of Greentree and the surrounding community?  Can  you give sacrificially either in a one time gift or in a monthly commitment? We have made the decision.  We are in motion and we will Step In.  Will you take this faith walk with us?  Will you Step In?

Donate Now!

Some Giving Suggestions

  • God loves us to give proportional amounts to Him. It allows Him to bless the church through blessing you!  Consider committing to an extra percentage above your regular 10% tithe to the building program.
  • You might also consider donating a percentage of the overall project.
    • 10% – $36,000  With 10 donors at this amount we would be able to build this church with no construction debt!  Is God calling you to make a huge impact on this ministry?
    • 1% – $3,600  If 100 people each donate this amount we would have all that we need to be able to build this church!  Will you be one of the $100?
  • Please talk together as a family as to how you might give to this ministry. God looks at our hearts and sees giving for what it really is, worship. Sacrificially giving , that is giving up your wants to accomplish something for God, is beautiful worship.