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Step In…. Faith

The Jordan River was in spring flood and there was no easy way to get across. God did not tell Joshua to hold up Moses’ staff so they could go across on dry land. Just the opposite, they had to step in. When they did God worked a miracle and the people of God were able to cross over into the promised land. Acting on faith is difficult. We don’t do it out of blind trust but rather the informed trust of relationship. God has demonstrated his faithfulness so we are willing to act in in faith, willing to step in.

In 2017 we began to feel a holy dissatisfaction. We wanted to serve a community but our location was a problem. We are comfortable and our hosts are full of grace and love as they provide a center for us to work from, but as we looked more closely we discovered no less than 8 churches within 2 miles. This is beautiful, praise God! But there is not really a need for us in that place. Were we to obtain property and build, we would be just one more church in a community with many churches meeting many needs. As we began to pray, we began to look outside of Gig Harbor. Many of our church members already lived on the Key Peninsula and much of the growth of our church had also come from this area. We began to pray and seek if the Lord might be calling us in this direction.

That spring as we sought the Lord and looked around the Key Peninsula neighborhoods, we remembered an area where we had once served a family in need. It was the Green Tree neighborhood. As we looked more closely we realized that rather than 8 churches to choose from there were no churches in this neighborhood at all. Was there space for one? Looking at the satellite view we discovered that there was a large piece of land (10.82acres) right in the middle of this neighborhood! It was a piece that had never been developed. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to build a church in the middle of a neighborhood where there were no churches? The property was not yet for sale, but we began to seek God not only for the ability to purchase this land, but the privilege of serving this community.

The property came up for sale in June of 2017 but we were not yet able to purchase it, so we continued to pray hoping that no one else would buy it in this very hot real estate market. The way was opened and we prepared to step in. We bought the property in February of 2018 and we are now stepping in faith as we seek to build a church and begin to minister to this neighborhood and the Key Peninsula. But God is not just calling us to a new place.

It takes a lot of money and it is a very complicated process to build a church, especially for small churches. Often churches will obtain loans  anticipating and relying on future growth to be able to eventually pay it off. We looked long and hard at this direction. The more we looked the less peace we felt. We could build this way but for the foreseeable future we would be tied to a big mortgage. God does not call the church to serve debt but serve people.

We believe we are being called to build this church on donations rather than a construction loan.

Will you join us and Step In?